Cloud Backup

We know how vital personal and company data can be, so back it up today and have that piece of mind knowing that if something was to happen to your PC like ransomware, viruses, hard disk failure, theft etc you have your data secured.

We provide simple, fast, reliable and secure online backup for company and personal use.


Windows & MAC

Our backup runs on Windows and Mac machines (including server platforms).

Backup Open Files

Our backup allows you to work on files while simultaneously backing them up.

Ultimate Security

SSL security between your computer and our servers. AES-256 blowfish encryption for backed up data.

Schedule Backup

You can schedule backups to run at any time, ensuring maximum productivity.

Mobile Access

Access your backups from iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Simple interface saving you time when you need that very urgent file.

File Versioning

Our backup stores up to 30 different versions of your files.

Restore Client

Our backup provides a simple restore client which makes recovering data a pleasure.

Restore Deleted Files

Our backup keeps deleted files for up to 30 days.

Outstanding Support

We strive to attend to support queries in the fastest time possible.

Compare Plans

Basic Plan
  • Backup Space
  • Backup Open Files
  • Schedule Backups
Pro Plan
  • Backup Space
  • Backup Open Files
  • Schedule Backups
  • Files Sharing Space
  • Share Files
  • Mapped Network Drive

Pricing Basic

Pricing Pro

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